Halifax deserves an MP who will stand up for port jobs

May 30, 2019

Haligonians are proud of the incredible success of the Port of Halifax. As the fourth largest port in terms of container traffic in Canada, this critical infrastructure creates thousands of jobs and accounts for billions in economic activity.

Halifax deserves a government and a Member of Parliament who will stand up for our port jobs and fight for investments. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and Andy Fillmore have proven they will not defend port jobs in Halifax.

Ports across the Eastern seaboard are receiving critical investments, meaning Halifax must remain competitive.

The Liberals might claim to understand the need for Canadian ports to remain competitive, but that claim clearly proves empty when it comes to the Port of Halifax. While the Trudeau Liberals spent upwards of $300 million on ports elsewhere in the country, when it came to the application for funds from the Port of Halifax, the Liberals rejected it.

We need to fight for the Port of Halifax. This is a critical piece of infrastructure and an economic driver for our province.

It’s time to act. And it’s time for a Member of Parliament who will stand up for Halifax.

-Bruce Holland, Candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada, Halifax