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September 20, 2019

Andrew Scheer to invest $1.5 billion to replace and purchase new MRI and CT machines

Investment will reduce wait times for potentially life-saving scans A new Conservative government will invest $1.5 billion in its first term to purchase MRI machines and CT machines to replace aging equipment and add machines across the country, reducing wait times for potentially life-saving tests for Canadians, Conservative Leader Andrew...

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September 19, 2019

Andrew Scheer will give more support to seniors

Increase the Age Credit to help our seniors get ahead Today, Andrew Scheer, the Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, announced that a new Conservative government will increase the Age Credit by $1,000. This measure is part of the Conservative plan to put more money in the pockets of all Canadians to...

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September 19, 2019

Justin Trudeau on seniors: Not as advertised

Trudeau still hasn’t delivered on key promises for seniors he made in 2015 Justin Trudeau is planning to raise taxes on Canadian seniors and he still hasn’t delivered on key promises he made to seniors during the 2015 election. Trudeau has raised taxes on seniors by hiking CPP premiums, cancelled...

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September 18, 2019

Scheer to cancel $1.5B in corporate welfare, redirect savings to Canadians

Conservatives to review and eliminate taxpayer handouts to wealthy executives, shareholders, and foreign companies A new Conservative government will cancel hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate welfare handouts to wealthy executives, shareholders, and foreign companies and instead put that money in Canadians’ pockets so they can get ahead, Conservative...

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Bruce Holland

Meet The Candidate

Bruce is the son of Bernard and Pauline Holland. His father Bernie was born and raised in Halifax’s Northend and his mother Pauline was originally from Newfoundland. Bruce spent his early childhood in the Northend before moving to Shad Bay, a small fishing village just outside of Halifax. Bruce has seven siblings, 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Educated in the public school system, Bruce attended the old Halifax Regional Vocational School after graduating from Sir John A Mcdonald High School and then went on to attend Dalhousie University. Bruce now resides on Tower Road in Halifax.

During his early working career Bruce spent time in the sales and service sectors prior to a ten year career in the Nova Scotia Attorney General’s Dept.

Having been active in his church, community and various service organizations, Bruce was encouraged to enter political life and was first elected to the Halifax County Council in 1991 and subsequently he was elected MLA in the Provincial Government in 1993 and served as Minister of Science and Technology and Minister Responsible for the Sport and Recreation Commission.

After leaving politics Bruce spent nearly a decade with a National Service Company as regional Marketing and Sales Manager. Wanting to spend more time closer to home with his three children and three grandchildren Bruce accepted a position as Executive Director with a local Business Improvement District.

Throughout his life Bruce has always been active in creating publications of one kind or another and now leads the team at the Parkview News a local monthly community publication.

Bruce continues to serve his church and community and sits on numerous committees and boards including the St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica Pastoral Council (Chairman), the St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica Restoration Foundation, the Halifax Northwest Rotary... Read Bio